More than a brand, more than a lifestyle, a true state of mind


Our history

The brand founded at the end of 2015 in the South of France by two French entrepreneurs sets itself the ambition in the next 5 years to symbolize the alliance of elegance and a state of mind borrowing strong and essential values ​​in which everyone enjoys to find themselves:

  • checkFamily, friendship & sharing
  • checkRelaxation & well-being

One word of order for Leaf For Life TM

Innovation !


Innovate all the time

Constantly improve your life and that of your loved ones, your friends, this is the desire of Leaf for lifeTM. 





Imagine a world in which the objects that surround you or accompany you become an extension of yourself, your lifestyle: more friendly and more adapted to your daily life, but also more "elegant"

Leaf for lifeTM has developed high quality products with harmonious natural curves for the pleasure of their use and the pleasure of the eyes.