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What accessories to use with my Leaf?

Your Leaf comes with an anchor foot suitable for use in sand. We have also developed two accessories that will allow you to use your Leaf on multiple occasions.

The universal clamp allows you to have a stand for your Leaf for a table, lounge chair, balcony or even the rail of a boat. Its jaw made of machined aluminum protected by a layer of rubber will allow you to catch any type of support. In a jiffy, your Leaf can be implemented in your garden, near your pool, on your terrace. Comfortably seated in your lounge chair, you'll be able to use your Leaf and enjoy a shade in every place.

The Leaf Trident allows you to have an anchor when the sand is harder, on a pebble or pebble beach, in the dirt, or on your lawn. You will not need to carry a foot of traditional umbrella and often very heavy to enjoy your Leaf. A very complementary accessory to the Leaf universal clamp.