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Folding your Leaf

How can I fold my Leaf umbrella ?

To help you folding your Leaf, we have developed an innovative folding system. Under the umbrella, you will find some orange and green clips (male and female). To fold easily your Leaf, please read the following instructions :

  1. Keep your Leaf in its anchorage ground socket or its base
  2. Deploy telescopic pole
  3. Stand in front of your Leaf
  4. Find the green and orange clips under the Leaf
  5. Join secondly orange clips under the Leaf
  6. You can not make any mistake since the Leaf will adapt itself when joining clips of the same color; let the Leaf take progressively its folding shape
  7. Once clips joined, go back to the rear of your Leaf
  8. Undeploy the telescopic pole in order to get your Leaf at the heigh of your waste
  9. Put your arms on each side of your Leaf (right and left) with natural position and your hands positionned at the level of the divided fiber glass external armatures
  10. You will do the sole and last operation to fold your Leaf in a second
  11. Make a 8 in front of you : In order to do so, one of your hand should go under the Leaf and the other one should go upper the leaf surface; join at the top of the little circle armature
  12. Then, you can take back towards you the upper part of the 8 you just done (by simply pulling with you with one hand as the other one is keeping the 8 shape and the intersection
  13. Maintain the two parts of the 8 shape one on the other with one hand and take the black elastic sangle in order to block the whole
  14. That is it, you have successful folded your Leaf umbrella : a kid's game !
  15. Click here to see or folding support videos :  your will be able to watch in détails folding steps in order to train yourself before your first time use; one or two times will be enough

All of your carrying bags include an instruction notice for folding your Leaf as well as a QR code which will get you to the folding support videos page.