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Can I take my Leaf by plane?

Your Leaf can follow you everywhere. Your Leaf in his bag, you can go to security check. Your Leaf can be packaged and easily lodged in the luggage compartment above your seat. You can also put your sheet in your suitcase without any problem (your sheet must be equal to a size of 50 cm or even less, your sheet). ). You are now ready to travel the world and from the journey with your LEAF at the end of the world!

How much wind can I use my Leaf?

You can use your Leaf even in strong winds. You will have to make sure to position the first disc of the frame of the sail very parallel to the wind so that the sail is stretched and is placed flat in the direction of the wind. In this way, your sail, with constant wind, will not suffer the effects of the wind and will not fly; it's one of its innovative features. We did tests in high winds 50 km / h and more and our Leaf sail does not fly if these recommendations are followed. In strong wind conditions, we recommend that you do not deploy all telescopic leg segments but only the first two segments to avoid damaging the last segment of smaller diameter.

Know that you can also use your Leaf to protect you from the wind by positioning it like a screen thanks to the 360 ​​° ball joint. You can lower the height of the sail (first and second deployed segments only) drop the end of the sail to the ground and anchor your foot in its anchor foot giving it a slope to compensate for the wind pressure on the sail and therefore by impact on the foot. Behind the sail, you will be completely sheltered.