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Waterproof Bag LEAF 2 Liters

LEAF for life TM presents its 2 liter waterproof bag, ultra-trendy and very original, it is very practical for all outdoor activities. It will delight both adults and children who can take it everywhere.

Ideal for the beach, the boat, the excursion, it will allow you to keep dry your personal effects at all times.

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1 Waterproof bag with a capacity of 2 liters + 1 carrying strap

The strengths of the Leaf 2 liter waterproof bag


The closure of the LEAF for life TM waterproof bag by 3-ply winding and clip guarantees its waterproofness in the most intense uses. This closure system completely protects your personal effects from all dust and even powerful water jets. It also ensures the bag's buoyancy when used on water. Please note, the bag is not waterproof for prolonged total immersion.


The LEAF for life TM waterproof bag was made from recycled UV-resistant treated PVC. The welds of the bag are reinforced to ensure its impact resistance and great durability.


1 quick clip at the bag closure to easily attach it to the belt, to another bag like a key ring.

1 UV-resistant PVC ring is positioned at the closure strap to allow the carrying strap to be attached to it (in shoulder strap mode).

Easy storage after use by simply rolling the waterproof bag on itself for minimal bulk (attention, make sure the bag is completely dry before folding it back on itself and storing it for an extended period).

For the beach, boat, or hiking, this small waterproof and original bag is ideal for storing and protecting your mobile phone, your glasses, your car keys, some change ...

The bottom of the bag is flat to allow great stability once installed.


Thanks to its strap, the LEAF for life TM waterproof bag can be worn over the shoulder or like a backpack! (ideal for children).

* LEAF for life also offers waterproof bags of 30 liters in 5 colors: perfect for keeping your personal belongings away from dust and water splashes.


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