Enhanced UV Protection

Because your health is our concern, all our Leaf and Sun Leaf veils benefit from a double anti-UV treatment. This manufacturing process allows our sails to block more than 99% of UV rays *. If you have fragile skin, if you are prone to skin diseases or if you want to protect your young children, choosing a Leaf for life shade sail means choosing to seriously protect your loved ones and yourself.

* Test results performed by independent specialized firms.

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Beach & Leaf

Protect Your Family
The only sail that does not fly
Thanks to its technology, its leaf-shaped design and its eccentric foot, Leaf shade sail uses the strength of the wind to its advantage. The Leaf shade sail blows in the wind, like a flag and does not suffer its effects. When other traditional umbrellas have already taken off, Leaf for life shade sails remain anchored to the ground!
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Easy pack & Go

Easy to

Because every detail counts for Leaf for life, we have developed a transport bag adapted to our shade sails. Our bag allows you to take your sail everywhere: by bike, on foot, by motorbike, at the beach or on a hike, you will be able to house your sail but also other useful things. Lightweight, ergonomic, comfortable and large, the Leaf for life carrying bag will allow you to follow your shadow wherever you go!

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With "CRAB", Leaf for life reinvents the pliers! CRAB allows you to use your Leaf or Sun Leaf shade sail in any circumstance and on any medium. Tables, chairs, lounger, balcony, boat rails, poles and other surfaces, you now have your shadow wherever you are. With CRAB, it is no longer necessary to move your heavy and bulky parasol foot to enjoy a place in the shade in your garden; at a glance your Leaf adapts to your pliers for unparalleled ease of use.

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Chill & Leaf

Adapted to your desires

The design

Every detail has been studied

At Leaf for life TM, we are sensitive to the design and functionality of the products we design. The closing elements of the carrying bag have been studied with as much attention as our sails themselves. Whether outdoors or indoors, we left nothing to chance for your Leaf for life TM experience to be successful..
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Simplify your life

Because we think of you and simplify your life in the use of our sails, we invented an innovative system so that the closing of your sail can be done in less than 30 seconds. Now you no longer have to worry about closing your sail, everything has been designed to simplify your life.
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High quality materials

We chose the best materials to make our sails. The telescopic stand is machined aluminum and stainless steel. Very light, it is also very resistant and can effectively absorb the forces transmitted by the sail in windy conditions. The multidirectional aluminum ball joint allows the sail to orient the sail and optimizes the shadow at all times.
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CRAB: The innovative clamp!

With CRAB, we allow you to use your nomadic shade sail anywhere. Specially designed to adapt to all types of supports, it adapts easily and quickly to a boat rail, a garden table and your favorite chaise longue! It is an accessory that increases the possibilities of your Leaf or Sun Leaf. From now on you will always have a shadow with you on any occasion!
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