Limited Edition Black Leaf & Sun Leaf
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  • Limited Edition Black Leaf & Sun Leaf
  • Limited Edition Black Leaf & Sun Leaf
  • Limited Edition Black Leaf & Sun Leaf
  • Limited Edition Black Leaf & Sun Leaf
  • Limited Edition Black Leaf & Sun Leaf
  • Limited Edition Black Leaf & Sun Leaf
  • Limited Edition Black Leaf & Sun Leaf
  • Limited Edition Black Leaf & Sun Leaf
  • Limited Edition Black Leaf & Sun Leaf
  • Limited Edition Black Leaf & Sun Leaf
  • Limited Edition Black Leaf & Sun Leaf
  • Limited Edition Black Leaf & Sun Leaf

Limited Edition Black Leaf & Sun Leaf

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solar panel
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The Black Leaf and Sun Leaf Limited Edition is geared towards health, design and quality. Four colours are available, including a first ultra-trendy print: Champagne chic, Vert Anis lumineu, Gris Anthracite and Vert Camouflage. Only 400 sails for each of these 4 colors have been manufactured and will find happy or happy owners in the world for the 2021 season!


1 Carrying and storage bag - 1 Anchor foot and its centering part - 1 Musket - 1 cable - 1 Shadow sail and its telescopic foot


1 Carrying and storage bag - 1 Anchor foot and its centering part - 1 Musket - 1 cable - 1 Shade sail and telescopic foot - 1 Removable Solar Panel 16 W


The BLACK SUN LEAF features a flexible 16W photovoltaic panel with 1 USB port that can charge smartphones, tablets, batteries as well as accessories such as a micro-fan, a refrigeration system, ... The photovoltaic panel is removable and can be attached to the sail or the carry bag.


The Nomad leaf for lifeTM Shadow Sail guarantees optimum shaded space and high sun protection and anti-reverberation coating. Like the flexibility of the reed, the BLACK LEAF absorbs the energy of the wind without resisting it, thus reducing the risk of tearing off the ground.


The BLACK leaf for lifeTM Shadow Sail fits perfectly as outdoor design furniture by a swimming pool, on a terrace or in a garden.


The Black leaf for lifeTM Nomad Shadow Sail accompanies nature and fishing enthusiasts along lakes and rivers. Lightweight and compact, its carry bag provides extra storage space for other equipment. Very practical, its anchor foot adapts to the soils of all shores...


Elegant, robust and easy to use, the BLACK leaf for life TM Nomad Shadow Sail has been designed for you! Its ergonomics and nomadic character have been studied to simplify your daily life and greatly improve your comfort.

The strengths of the Black Sun model Leaf


A sturdy transport bag, large enough and equipped (storage pockets) to house beach belongings (book, snack...).

Lightness of the Nomad Shadow Sail.

Off-center foot allows you to take full advantage of the shade space under the sail.

Telescopic foot contributing to the optimization of clutter.

Easy, fast and reliable anchor foot and machined aluminum centering piece allow you to fasten the Nomad Shadow Sail leaf for life TM effortlessly.

Presence of a system of fasteners at the back of the sail with 1 carny and 1 musket to hang carry bag, beach towels, flippers...

Easy storage of the Nomad Shadow Sail and its foot in an ergonomic carry bag.


Systeme Nomad Solar Panel: Integration of a mobile photovoltaic panel.

Presence of a USB port to recharge your smartphone, MP3 player, and power micro-fan, cooler, ...

Cool Breeze System: Free air circulation under the surface of the sail for unparalleled well-being.


Sustainability and robustness of the components.

It is possible to interchange the sails.

Antifungal and de-spraying sail fabric.

INNOVATION - Patented system

CTS: Curve Tensioning System. Fast utra opening by self-deployment of the sail and folding facility

SFS: Sun Following System. Optimizing the shadow surface: The 360-degree multi-directional patella allows the sail to be steered according to the course of the sun. This gives you the best range of shade at any time of the day.


No sharp angle around the sail

Machined foot tip (no high tip)

Perfect aerodynamics thanks to its shape and off-center foot, the lift effect is reduced and the ground hold is enhanced.


UV-proof sail protection well beyond the UPF 50 index (99% of UV radiation blocked by our sails Leaf and Sun Leaf) and anti-reverberation coating

New product

Data sheet

Foot and kneecap: Machined aluminium / Canvas and polyester bag
Bag volume: 23 litres
Exit Tension
5V USB port
Exit amperage
3.2 A
solar panel
Monocrystalline photovoltaic cells
Operating tension
5 V continuous
16 Watts
Protection Anti-UV
Double ANTI-UV treatment under the surface of the sail: UPF 50
Wind resistance
The Leaf sail does not fly (tested at more than 90 km/h)
Sailing and carrying bag: water-repelling treats (rainwater slides on the canvas) and anti-fungal / Solar shock panel, waterproof to dust and water splashes
Creating shadow and energy using the solar panel
Nb Ports USB
Shadow Sail Surface
1.76 sqm
Folded foot: 55 cm / Foot unfolded: 159 cm
Folded sail: 54 cm and veil unfolded 153 cm
Carrier bag: 9 cm
Sun Leaf package content
1 Carrying and storage bag - 1 Anchor foot - 1 Musket - 1 Shadow sail and telescopic foot - 1 Removable Solar Panel 16 W
Weight of different components
Sailing alone with foot and musket: 1.3 kg / Solar panel alone: 550 grams / Leaf Sun Package: 2.3 kg
With all electronic devices requiring 5V continuous input
Package content Leaf
1 Carrying and storage bag - 1 Anchor foot - 1 Musket - 1 Shadow sail and telescopic foot
    Can I take my Leaf on an airplane?

    Your Leaf can follow you everywhere. Your Leaf in his bag, you can pass airport security checks without any problems (including with your solar panel for the SUN model LEAF). Your Leaf can be loaded as carry-on baggage on all airlines (bag less than 55 cm in diameter) and will fit easily in the luggage compartment above your seat. You can also, if you wish, put your LEAF in your suitcase without any problems (your suitcase should be 50 cm or even a little less, your LEAF may be a little compressed in the shape of an ellipse during your trip). You are now ready to travel the world and go on a journey with your LEAF to the end of the world!

    What accessories to use with my Leaf ? ...

    Your Leaf is delivered with an anchor foot suitable for use in sand. We have also developed two accessories that will allow you to also use your Leaf on multiple occasions.

    The universal clamp allows you to have a support for your Leaf for a table, a lounge chair, a balcony or even the rail of a boat. Its machined aluminum jaw protected by a layer of rubber will allow you to catch any type of support. In no time at all, your Leaf can be implemented in your garden, near your swimming pool, on your terrace. Comfortably installed in your lounge chair, you can use your Leaf and benefit from a shade in every place.

    The Leaf trident allows you to have an anchor when the sand is harder, on a beach of gravel or small pebbles, in the earth, or on your lawn. You will no longer need to carry a traditional and often very heavy parasol base to enjoy your Leaf. A very complementary accessory to the Leaf universal pliers.

    How much wind can I use my Leaf ? ...

    You can use your Leaf even in strong windy weather. You will need to make sure to position the first disc of the frame of the sail well parallel to the wind so that the sail stretches and flattens in the direction of the wind. In this way, your sail, in constant wind, will not suffer the effects of the wind and will not fly away; it is one of its innovative features. We have done tests in high wind weather 50 km/h or more and our Leaf sail does not fly if these recommendations are followed correctly. In strong wind weather, we recommend that you do not deploy all the segments of the telescopic foot but only the first two segments to avoid damaging the last smaller diameter segment.

    Be aware that you can also use your Leaf to protect yourself from the wind by positioning it as a screen with the 360-degree patella. You can lower the height of the sail (first and second segments deployed only) cause the end of the sail to fall to the ground and anchor your foot well in its anchor foot by giving it an inclination to compensate for the pressure of the wind on the sail and thus by impacting on the foot. Behind the sail, you will be completely sheltered.

    How high is the telescopic pole when it is unfolded?

    The height of the telescopic pole is 1.59 m when unfolded in its entirety. In addition, the multi-directional patella allows the sail to be given a complementary tilt that allows you to stand completely under the sail without any problems. By using the CRAB clamp on a table, you can benefit from an even greater height since you will then add to the height of the umbrella the height of the table is about 80 cm more. Our Leaf nomadic shade sails are therefore perfectly suited for use on garden tables for family lunches.

    How big is the Leaf ? ...

    The Leaf deployed has a large size: 1.53 meters in its longest length and 1.53 m in its widest width. This large size makes it possible to shade without problem for 2 people lying on a beach towel or 4 people at the table when the Leaf. Thanks to its 360-degree built-in kneecap, the Leaf allows you to have twice as much shade as a conventional parasol of equivalent size.

    How do I clean my Leaf ? ...

    To clean your Leaf, you just have to pass a cloth soaked in fresh water on your veil. Don't forget to let it dry before putting it back in your carrier bag. Do not use detergents, aggressive chemicals of any kind. Detachants are not recommended and can damage your sail. Consult us so that we can recommend cleaning products that we have already tested.

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