Solar Panel Nomad 16 W
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  • Solar Panel Nomad 16 W

Solar Panel Nomad 16 W

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A removable 16-watt solar panel with 1 USB port.

Robust, it is waterproof to dust, water splashes.

The solar panel leaf for lifeTM can be attached indifferently to the shading sails LEAF, on their carry-on bag or on any other supports thanks to its integrated carnations.

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This solar panel has 1 USB outlet protected by silicone caps built into the panel.

We have selected high-quality components for the flexible and removable solar panel Leaf forlifeTM: single-crystalline photovoltaic cells, electronic components of USB "High Speed" ports with protection of electronic devices and batteries, silicone shell design and anti-shock.

The nomadic character of this solar panel allows you to take it anywhere, in position on the sail LEAF at the beach, hiking on the carrier bag Leaf forlifeTM. Whether you're a plasterer, hiker, boater, fisherman, family picnic in the country or camping, you won't run out of battery thanks to the solar panel Leaf forlifeTM.

The high power delivered by the Leaf forlifeTM mobile solar panel allows you to charge very fast in full sun of all your small electronic devices (smartphone, tablets, batteries and backup chargers, bluetooth speakers, etc.).

The removable Leaf forlifeTM solar panel is included in the Sun Leaf.


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