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Bag Etanche LEAF 30 Litres

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leaf for lifeTM features its 30-litre waterproof bag, ultra-resistant and very practical for all outdoor activities.

Ideal for the beach, the boat, the hike, it will allow you to keep your belongings dry at all times.


1 Waterproof bag with a capacity of 30 litres - 2 carriage and stowage straps

The strengths of the waterproof bag 30 litersLeaf


The closure of the waterproof bag leaf for lifeTM by winding 3 folds and clip ensures its waterproofing in the most intense uses. This closure system completely protects your belongings from all the dust and even powerful water jets. It also ensures buoyancy of the bag when used on water. Beware, the bag is not waterproof to prolonged total immersion.


The waterproof bag leaf for life TM was made from recycled UV-resistanttreated PVC. The welds of the bag are reinforced to ensure its shock resistance and high durability.


4 UV-resistant PVC rings are positioned at the closing strap and at the back at the bottom of the bag to allow the carry straps to be attached (in backpack mode) or to allow its stowage (very useful for boating uses for example).

Easy storage after use by simply rolling the waterproof bag on itself for minimal clutter (be careful, make sure the bag is dry before folding it over itself and storing it for an extended period of time).

For boaters, this waterproof bag is ideal for storing and protecting on-board equipment that needs to stay dry: VHF, GPS, flares, sea block, necessary to dive.

The bottom of the bag is flat to allow great stability when placed.


With two straps, the waterproof bag leaf for lifeTM can be worn like a backpack! Its ergonomics and nomadic character have been studied to simplify your daily life and greatly improve your comfort.

- leaf for life also offers waterproof 2-litre bags in the original colors: perfect for storing a phone, glasses, keys...!

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