Leaf alone (without telescopic pole)
  • Leaf alone (without telescopic pole)

Leaf alone (without telescopic pole)

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This summer, you want to change style, simply change sail and keep your current telescopic foot. The sails Leaf For Life are all interchangeable and retractable. So you can easily remove them from their telescopic foot and change color as desired. The sail alone is sold without its telescopic foot, without its carrying bag and without accessories.

You can change your current sail by simply removing it from your telescopic foot and replacing it with a new sail. Want to change the color of sail this summer or current damaged sail, you just have to remove the scratches under the sail and hook the frames by pushing on the kneecap, voila. Nothing could be simpler and faster, in less than 30 seconds, here you are with a new sail, a new style. If you do not yet have the Black Leaf, you can remove your sail 2019 edition or earlier and benefit from the latest anti-reverberation innovation Leaf For Life or new colors available.


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