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Nomad Shadow Black Leaf

New innovation 2020, the BLACK Leaf is the only anti-reverberation parasol. Its lower surface is now black, it allows you to retain the sun's rays reflected on the ground or on the water to provide you with an unequalled level of protection. Ideal for your garden, your terrace, your balcony, your outings in the open air when hiking, on the beach and on your boat.

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The LEAF for lifeTM Nomad Shadow BLACK LEAF grants you a maximum of shade due to its dimensions and its off-centered pole.
Perfect aerodynamics thanks to its shape and its off centered pole; the portance effect is reduced and the ground fixing is strengthened.

As flexible as a reed,the LEAF for lifeTM Nomad Shadow Black Leaf absorbs the wind strength without any resistance,thus diminishing the risks of being torn out of the ground. No more flying parasols on the beach this summer!

We tested the Leaf in extreme windy situation in order to ensure its resistance qualities against turn out of the ground and breakdown.

No sharp angles around the leaf in order to avoid any accident for your kids or other people on the beach. Safety is one of our priorities.

Because protecting correctly your kids and family is one of our ambition, we have chosen high density fabrics for the LEAF for lifeTM shadow leaf. Two treatments have been processed on the lower side of each leaf in order to ensure a REAL protection against the sun.

Our LEAF for lifeTM Nomad Shadow Leaf garanties you a maximum area of shadow and high solar UPF 50+ protection and an anti-réverberation coating 

No more sand in your phone or in your clothes...

Every Leaf comes with 1 wide-opening carabiners for hanging your personal belongings...

A truly versatile bag, this knapsack is a stylish, user-friendly way to carry your beach items.

All Leaf and carrying bags are standard equipped with 4 black little tab that enable you to attach the solar panel (Solar panel not included in BLACK LEAF model) using its 4 eyelets. This offers an incredible movable capability for the LEAF for lifeTM solar panel.



Every detail of a LEAF for lifeTM Solar Panel is carefully and individually considered.

We have tested the ergonomics of the knapsack in a lot of situations (mountain thinking, even skiing, beach hiking, bicycle, motorcycle, ...) to design all of its characteristics in order to ensure perfect comfort at all times.

The carrying bag has been studied for storage. It allows to bring not only your leaf with you but a lot of personal belongings anywhere.



Smart, robots and easy to use, the LEAF for lifeTM Shadow LEAF has been devised for you ! Its ergonomy and its mobile characteristics have been studied to make your daily life easier.



With a Leaf on your back, your hands free, it's all in the bag...


Shadow BLACK Leaf Strong Differentiators


Robust carrying bag, big enough and devised ( storage compartments) to store beach things ( books, snacks...).

Light Nomad Shadow Leaf.

Off centred pole allowing you to fully make the most of the leaf shadow space.

Telescopic pole helping to optimise storage.

Easy, fast and reliable, the ground socket allows to fix the LEAF for lifeTM Nomad Shadow Leaf without any effort.

Fixation system at the back of the leaf with three eyelets and snap hooks allowing to hang carrying bag, beach towels, swimming flippers, etc...

Easy storage of the Nomad Shadow Leaf and its socket in ergonomical carrying bag.


Cool Breeze System : free air flow under the leaf surface for optimum comfort


Long life and robust components.

Possibility of exchanging leaves between each other.

Antifungal and water repellent.

INNOVATION - (a patent has been registered)

CTS : Curve Tensioning System. Extra fast self opening by unfolding of the leaf.
Esy to fold up

SFS : Sun Following System. Optimisation of the shadow surface : The 360 degree multidirectional rotule allows the LEAF for lifeTM Nomad Shadow Leaf to move with the sun.


No sharp angle aroung the black leaf

Machined Pole Tip (no sharp)

Perfect aerodynamics thanks to its shape and its off centered pole, the portance effect is reduced and the ground fixing is strengthened.


Protection of the anti UV leaf index is more 50+ UPF (Our Leaf block 99% of UV Rays) and an anti-réverbération coating


Data sheet

Raw Materials
Pole and rotule : aluminium machined / Leaf and carrying bag : polyester
Carrying Bag : 4,1 gal (i.e : 23 l)
UV protection
Double treatment under the Leaf surface : UPF 50+
wind resistance
The Leaf sail does not fly (tested at over 90 km / h)
Breaking & wet strength
Leaf and carrying bag : antifungal and water repellent treated
Shadow creation and Nomad Energy creation thanks to the solar panel
Surface area
18,9 ft2
Folded pole : 21,6 cm / Unfolded pole : 62,6 in
Folded Leaf : 21,6 in / Unfolded Leaf : 60,2 in / Carrying bag : 22,4 in
Carrying bag thickness : 3,5 in
Weight of the different components
Package : 6,8 lb / Leaf only : 2,8 lb / Solar panel only : 2,6 lb
Package Leaf
1 Carrying and storage bag + 1 Ground Socket + 1 carabiners + 1 Shadow Leaf with its telescopic pole

Specific References

Leaf for life : FAQ

    Combien de temps sont garantis le voiles Leaf for life ?

    Les voiles Leaf, Black Leaf, Sun Leaf, Sun Black Leaf et les voiles de l'édition limitée 2019 et 2020 sont toutes garanties 1 an à compter de la date de leur achat sur notre site internet www.leaforlife.com

    Les voiles "occasion Leaf" ne sont pas garanties mais sont vérifiées par notre équipe SAV avant d'être reconditionnées et remises en vente sur notre site internet.

    Les accessoires : pince CRAB, pince Double CRAB, panneau solaire sont également garantis 1 an à compter de leur date d'achat sur notre site internet www.leaforlife.com

    Si vous avez fait l'achat d'une voile Leaf for life chez l'un de nos revendeurs, votre voile est également garantie 1 an à compter de l date de votre achat. Pour bénéficier de la garantie, vous devez vous enregistrer sur notre site internet et nous communiquer par le biais du formulaire de contact votre preuve d'achat portant la date de votre achat et des photos attestant du problème rencontré pour que nous puissions analyser votre demande de prise en compte de garantie.

    Pour toute question sur la garantie des produits Leaf for life, vous pouvez nous contacter par le biais du formulaire de garantie accessible à partir de votre profil client ou nous contacter par le biais du formulaire de contact.


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