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CRAB : the Clamp !

Leaf for life : Accessories

Leaf for lifeTM , innovates again and invents "CRAB" : the universal clamp to be used with Leaf and Sun Leaf umbrellas.

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Nomad Solar Charging Panel...

Leaf for life : Accessories

We have designed a nomad solar charging panel delivering 16 watts with 1 USB 5 V DC output.

Robust, it is dustproof and splashproof.

The photovoltaic panel is movable and can be attached independently onto the leaf, the knapsack or other supports through its integrated eyelet.

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Smartphone Universal...

Leaf for life : Accessories

A very useful accessory for all SUN LEAF owner. It allows you to hang your smartphone while charging using LEAF for lifeTM Solar Panel. You can hang it independently on the pole or under your Leaf and will avoid sand or splash on your electronic device.

Online only

Due to high success of our product, limited quantities available

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LEAF for life TM presents its 2 liter waterproof bag, ultra-trendy and very original, it is very practical for all outdoor activities. It will delight both adults and children who can take it everywhere.

Ideal for the beach, the boat, the excursion, it will allow you to keep dry your personal effects at all times.

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